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Glocal Church Summit is a gathering place of scholars, practitioners, pastors, lay leaders and students to explore how churches can reach the world through local ministries. This will be a place for learning, networking and hearing stories of what others are doing to live into God's mission and imagine innovative ways to engage and embrace our local communities that are becoming increasingly diverse and global.

The Glocal Mission Summit is a place for:

  • Celebrating and storytelling of what God is doing in our neighborhoods and around the world by missionaries, lay leaders and churches.

  • Sharing information for mutual learning, reflecting and connecting around the table.

  • Exploring ways for people & churches to collaborate with one another and with Resonate.

What should I expect at the conference?

The summit is designed to provide participants with:

  • Inspirational stories of what local churches are doing to reach their communities.

  • Learning experiences from leading experts who have been researching on Missional Church.

  • Opportunity to meet people from various urban and ethnic cultures that exist in the North American context.

  • Resources that will help leaders strategically prepare and initiate GLOCAL ministries.

  • Unique and fun meal times and receptions around GLOCAL TABLE with various ethnic food and drinks.

  • Uplifting worship services led by musicians, poets, and artists representing different cultures.

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